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    The 2019 Subscription Campaign has Started!

    The CTEMS Ambulance Subscription is a membership program that, through an annual fee, will reduce your out of pocket costs in the event of a medical emergency.  Residents and businesses within our service area are elgible for this program. This tax deductible donation also helps to fund equipment needs and educational programs.   

    Your donation helps us to meet our mission of "To Preserve Life and Promote Health and Safety in our Community"!  

    Protect yourself and your family today!

    . Click here to subscribe.

  • Car Seat Fitting Station

    Motor vehicle crashes are the No. 1 killer of kids.

    Why? In many cases, children are either not properly buckled into their safety seats or parents don’t realize that a booster seat is vital to ensuring children fit safely in their vehicle’s seat belt. Don’t take a chance. Have your child’s safety seat inspected! Each appointment takes about a half hour. To schedule an appointment to check your car seats and boosters, please contact 724-776-4480 ext. 1911

  • CPR & First Aid Training

    Knowing and being able to administer CPR and first aid is not just important for life guards, teachers or emergency responders. As a community citizen, it’s good to know how to properly administer this level of care in an emergency.

    Cranberry Township EMS offers classes for CPR and First Aid Training, both for the public and for Cranberry Township organizations. Click here for a schedule of 2019 classes.

  • CTEMS obtains National Award for Chest Pain Care.

     CTEMS is one of 57 EMS agencies in the Commonwealth and only one out of 497 nationally to achieve recognition for treatment and care of Chest Pain and Myocardial Infarction patients. The American Heart Association/American College of Cardiology, has developed a series of protocols to help EMS providers quickly identify heart attack patients, notify a nearby medical center, and trigger an early response from hospital personnel. 

  • CTEMS announces first hybrid EMT Class

    Cranberry EMS is proud to announce that dates and registration have officially been set for a hybrid EMT class held at CTEMS in partnership with BC3. This will be an online based class and an in person lab session held each Thursday evening from 1800-2200 at Cranberry EMS. Dates are 5/16 to 9/19. Click the link for registration questions and dates of the class. Further questions can be sent to BC3 or Andrew.bell@ctems51.org.

    Click here to register.

Our Mission: To Preserve Life and Promote Health and Safety in our Community!

Every day we are facing new challenges and missions in public health, disaster response, weapons of mass destruction and emergency preparedness.  These demands on your ambulance service have increased considerably while funding has continued to decline. A decrease in insurance reimbursement, government funding and subscription participation have made it necessary for EMS to attempt to "do more with less."

To completely meet our mission and continue our emergency services, we rely on the generosity of individuals and businesses for assistance.  Without the financial support of residents and business leaders, your EMS service may be unable to provide the most up-to-date, life-sustaining care an individual would want for themselves or their family members.

For over 40 years, Cranberry Township EMS has been "answering the call" for the residents and visitors of our community.  We have grown in similarity with the community and continue to provide exceptional pre-hospital care. We take great pride in providing outstanding customer service, excellent patient care and safe transportation to the hospital because we care about our community.

News & Annoucements

  • CTEMS announces 1st Hybrid EMT Training Class

    Cranberry EMS is proud to announce that dates and registration have officially been set for a hybrid EMT class

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  • 2019 Subscription Drive Underway

    The 2019 Cranberry Township EMS Subscription drive packets were mailed out on Monday October 8th. 

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  • National CPS Week

    September 23rd through the 29th is National CPS Awareness Week!