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Published on 04 February 2015
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2018 Ambulance Service Subscription Program

Did you know the average ambulance ride costs $850?
And Cranberry EMS Subscriptions are just $60 for your entire household for one year.

Through the Cranberry Township EMS Ambulance Service Subscription Program, you can save hundreds of dollars in medical bills should you or a family member ever need an emergency ambulance.

Your paid subscription will offset the costs of co-payments and deductibles that your insurance company may require you to pay. It will also allow Cranberry Township EMS to continue serving the community, ensuring that we have the staff, vehicles and equipment to provide you with around-the-clock care, 365 days a year.

Subscription Types

You have the option of subscribing three different way:

Family Membership ($60)
Covers all permanent residents of your home.

Individual Membership ($45)
Covers only the individual listed on the subscription card.

Senior Citizen Membership ($40)
Covers an individual or couple 62 years of age or older, as well as all other permanent residents of that household.

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The Benefits of Subscribing 

Personal and community advantages

Not only will you save hundreds of dollars in unwanted ambulance charges, you will also show your support for your local EMS. We are not affiliated with the fire department and therefore we do not receive any direct tax subsidies from the municipalities that we serve. We depend on your generous donations so that you can depend on our services.

Coverage beyond your community

Cranberry Township EMS maintains reciprocal agreements with all of our immediate surrounding EMS services and 17 other organizations who are members of the Northeast Ambulance Alliance. This means that if you become ill or injured in any of these communities and require medically necessary emergency service, your Cranberry Township EMS subscription will be honored

No unnecessary insurance costs

Your subscription ensures that should a medically necessary emergency ambulance service be required, you will not incur any unnecessary insurance bills. Most insurance companies do not pay 100% of ambulance bills. If your coverage includes a deductible or a co-payment, you could be left with a large balance to pay out-of-pocket. If you choose not to subscribe, you would be responsible for the full payment, which could exceed more than $850 per trip.

No ambulance cost for emergencies

No matter how frequently you may need our services, you will not pay any out of pocket expenses for emergency ambulance services beyond your one-year subscription fee. Should you need an ambulance, Cranberry Township EMS will submit a bill to your insurance company. Insurance payments are then applied to your balance, and once your insurance benefits are exhausted, we will write off any remaining balance.

While Cranberry Township EMS covers your emergency situations, non-emergent care is not covered by your subscription.

  • Alternative modes of non-emergency transportation, such as wheelchair van or invalid coach transports
  • Certain non-emergency ambulance transports, which may be denied or deemed outside the limits of your insurance coverage
  • Transports which do not meet medical necessity criteria
  • Any charges related to excessive mileage or other non-covered charges for transports, which are based solely on patient and/or physician preference

For more information on the subscription program, please contact 724-776-4480 or click here to subscribe now!