Save A Life Saturday 2019

Category: News
Published on 26 November 2019
Written by Mandy Cousins

CTEMS was honored this year to host the reunion of three survivors of cardiac arrest with the bystanders who started CPR and the EMS crews that cared for them.    

Save A Life Saturday started seven years ago from the need to get as many bystanders as possible to know CPR.  The first few minutes after someone collapses from cardiac arrest are critical.  Early CPR initiated by bystanders makes a significant difference in the chance of recover of the victim, so by teaching as many people as possible the simple steps of hands only CPR increases the odds that someone will be there to help immediately.  With this goal in mind CTEMS teaches anyone who stops by on Save a Life Saturday, Hands only CPR. 

This year CTEMS CPR instructors taught 40 people how to call 911 and perform good compressions until more advanced help arrives to take over.  Among those students were some of the family members of survivors of cardiac arrest from this past year. 

In 2019 Cranberry Township EMS had four successful resuscitations of cardiac arrests. Out of those four calls three of the survivors choose to come to the reunion and say thank you to the bystanders, police and EMS personnel who helped save their lives.

Many times, the initial rescuers and EMS personnel never get to see the person after the rescue is over.  The Survivor Reunion affords an opportunity to see the outcome and share moments of recognition for the rescuers hard work and the amazing outcome for the survivor and their families. 

CTEMS personnel receiving recognition where:Matt Nickl Deputy Chief,  Paramedic Nicole Dambaugh, Paramedic Brian Dambaugh,   Paramedic Alyse Saylor,  EMT Shawn Macintyre, Paramedic Kaitlyn Finneral, Paramedic Jeremy Nickl, Paramedic Ryan  Mann, EMT Curt Huffman,  Paramedic Scott Garing