Save a Life Saturday 2017

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Published on 17 October 2017

On Saturday November 12, 2016 between 10 AM and 2 PM Cranberry Township Emergency Medical Service will host it's 5th Annual "Save a Life Saturday"  Hand's Only CPR training event at the Cranberry Township Municipal Building in Town Square. 

We will also be hosting a Survivor Reunion at noon with prior cardiac arrest patients and the paramedics that responded to their calls for aid.  We will be teaching the “Hands Only” CPR course from the American Heart Association.  Hands Only CPR teaches participants to call 911 to get help coming and start chest compressions until EMS arrival.  It is part of a national initiative to get as many people trained in CPR to increase survival rates for out of hospital sudden cardiac arrest.  More information can be obtained at

There is no fee for the training and all participants will receive a certificate of completion for attending.  No appointment is required, just show up anytime between 10 AM and 2 PM and it should take no more than 5 minutes to complete the training.   Our goal is to train at least 100 people in Hands Only CPR to increase the number of trained people in the community. Please contact EMT Bell for additional information or questions at