CTEMS Members Honored

Category: News
Published on 06 September 2013
Written by Ted Fessides

Cranberry resident, Chuck Weintraub honored many heroes involved in saving his life, including Chloe, his foster dog, at the Cranberry Board of Supervisors meeting on September 5, 2013.

Chuck and his wife Sherrard presented "Life Saving" certificates to Chloe and new owners, the Rauenswinter family; Cranberry residents- Mike Brock, Michele Vesce, Melissa Brock, and Juliana Brock, and Charlene Daneen; Cranberry Police Officers - Duane Brucker and Josh Shimko; Cranberry EMS Paramedics - Ted Fessides, Matt Leonard and Ryan Richards. 
Weintraub also made donations on behalf of the Cranberry Twp. Police Department to the Derek Kotechi Scholarship Fund, Cranberry EMS, educational contribution to the Vesce- Brock family, and paid medical expenses to the Humane Society on behalf of Chloe’s new owners.  This is a great reminder of what happens when the chain of survival is initiated early with bystanders stepping in to start CPR.  Please click on our training link to view our upcoming CPR dates so you to can learn to save a life.
For more information on the rescue dog saving her foster parent click on this link;  https://www.facebook.com/DogsAreFamily/posts/562017647196197