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Published on 15 May 2015
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Dear Friends of EMS:

Cranberry Township EMS Needs YOUR Help!


You wake…in a cold sweat…an elephant sitting on your chest…pain radiates down your left arm.

You need help, skilled emergency help…

You reach for your phone…already less frightened as you dial 911.

Then, you remember... Cranberry Township EMS is no longer there to answer your call…You begin to sweat... How long will it take for another ambulance to get to you? Will you survive until they arrive?

Cranberry Township EMS wants to be YOUR emergency service provider, reliably answering your call... 24 hours a day...7 days a week... 365 days a year. But, to do this, CTEMS needs YOUR help, your financial help.

Lower insurance reimbursements coupled with the expenses of COVID protection for staff and patients have resulted in revenue deficits, hemorrhaging our budget. Getting through 2020 required some tough decisions, including taking an ambulance and its skilled staff out of service; yet, CTEMS was recognized by the Commonwealth as the EMS agency of the year!

Though a professionally staffed and state of industry-equipped service, we are a 501(c)3 charitable organization financially relying on emergency trip revenues and community giving. For over 50 years, CTEMS has provided quality emergency care every time you or your neighbors have called. Your tax-deductible gift will help to “stop our bleed,” so CTEMS will be there when you make that emergency call. Thank you for considering our emergency help call to YOU.

Thank you in advance from CTEMS and your Community Board of Directors.

                              Jeff Hodges, President                        Sheryle Long, Member at Large

                              Don Scelza, Vice President                 Fred Peterson, Member at Large

                              Dan Swayze, Secretary                        

                              Ed Ritz, Treasurer                               

                                       Matt Nickl,  acting EMS Chief and Executive Director


Our Mission: “To Preserve Life and Promote Health and Safety in ourCommunity!”

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